Deep Clean Make-up-removers

Introducing Deep Clean Make-Up-Removers

Step 1 - Wipe off surface impurities
Step 2 - Clean deep into pores
Step 3 - Remove stubborn eye make-up

Step 1: Wipe off surface impurities

Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Make-Up Remover Wipes are specially formulated to wipe away 99.3% of stubborn makeup and prepare your skin for a deeper cleansing. With one easy sweep, these ultra-soft, pre-moistened wipes gently yet effectively clear away dirt, oil, make-up – even waterproof mascara.

Step 2: Clean deep into pores

Now that you have a clean surface, awaken your senses with Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Make-Up Removing Creamy Wash. The wash melts into a creamy texture to immerse deeper into pores removing dirt, oil and impurities, revealing softer, smoother skin that glows from within.

Step 3: Gently remove stubborn eye make-up

After removing surface impurities and cleaning deep into pores, gently swipe your delicate eye area with neutrogena® Deep Clean® Eye Make-Up Remover. This gentle and effective formula activates to sweep away eye make-up without any rubbing. No more dirtymake-up stains on beautiful white towels.