Travel with Beautiful Skin

Travel with Beautiful Skin

Travel with Beautiful Skin

Do you find your skin misbehaving when you are on holiday? That’s probably because it’s being exposed to different elements, from the summer sun to the winter cold, or from dry air to heavy monsoons. Understanding the demands of your skin can help you pack the required essentials, so you can maintain healthy skin no matter where you are.

When getting on the plane

A long flight can strip the glow from your skin. You start out fresh and looking great, and you arrive at your location with wrinkled, dull, and dry skin. Give your skin a head start by applying a moisturizing mask the night before travel. Use a moisturizing cleanser, and try to avoid make-up. Leave your skin naked for the majority of the flight, and take a little make-up case with you if you want to be ready before arrival.

Know the climate

Research the climate and weather forecast of where you’ll be traveling to beforehand to help you decide what to take along. For dry and humid weather, for example, you can carry serums or lightweight creams because you don’t want to weight down your skin. A good face exfoliator will quickly get rid of dead skin cells, and a facial cleanser will keep you looking fresh.

Packing the essentials

Your counter may be stacked full of products you use daily or weekly, but you cannot carry them all on holiday. So it’s time to get back to the basics – facial cleanser, sunscreen and moisturizer. It’s also good to keep blotting paper handy to absorb any oil if you are in a hot setting. A soft shimmer powder can quickly brighten sallow looking skin.

Avoid any harsh products as you don’t want to be dealing with unexpected breakouts or irritations. Keep away from long-lasting lipsticks or mascara when on holiday, as you don’t want to end up with smudged make-up.

Another important tip is using antibacterial hand wash and facial cleansers, avoid touching your face too much. Travelling can expose you to unknown elements, and you don’t want anything to affect your skin adversely.

Most importantly, eat right, stay hydrated, and keep active. Enjoy your holiday.


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