Why Neutrogena?

Why Neutrogena?

Neutrogena® Inventor Emanuel Stolaroff

It all began with Manny, the explorer. In the 1930’s, Manny Stoloroff got his start in Los Angeles manufacturing cosmetics, lipsticks and lip brushes for the big name brands of that era. But Manny, an explorer by nature, was always on the lookout for new ideas. On one of his many trips to Europe, he discovered an extremely gentle non-alkaline soap invented by a Belgian chemist. 

Manny immediately saw its potential and bought the U.S. distribution rights. It was called Neutrogena. So in the ‘50s, when women began complaining that traditional soaps were harsh and irritating, Manny was right there with the solution. At a time when soap sold for 10 cents, Manny sold Neutrogena® for $1. Women went wild for this beautiful amber bar and it flew off the shelves. Manny had a true challenger’s spirit. He pushed boundaries. And limits. And in this way, he created the foundation for Neutrogena® to be a company like no other. It’s this kind of brash, bold thinking that remains a vital part of our DNA today. And what continues to set us apart from everyone else in the business. 

And continued with Lloyd, the re-thinker.

Lloyd Cotsen initiated the Recommended by Dermatologists relationship

Lloyd Cotsen was Manny’s son-in-law. When he took over the company, he knew he had great products to sell; what he didn’t have were the deep pockets of the wealthy beauty brands. He had to totally re-think how to market Neutrogena®. And what he came up with was a brilliant new business model. At a time when only large pharmaceutical companies detailed physicians, Lloyd sought out a genuine relationship with dermatologists. He believed they would appreciate the quality, safety, efficacy and beauty of Neutrogena®. And he was right.

So while the big brands threw money at television, Lloyd obtained something for Neutrogena® that no amount of money could buy: three beautiful words: Recommended by dermatologists. And who is the most trusted authority in skincare and most discerning critic? The dermatologist, of course.

By re-framing, re-thinking and not giving up until he figured it out, Lloyd Cotsen changed the face of Neutrogena® forever and helped drive the business to new heights.

About Neutrogena®

Our consumers believe that healthy skin is the key to beautiful skin. And so do we.

As a consumer-centric company, our product innovations are always inspired by true consumer insights and unmet consumer needs. They are scientifically tested and proven to deliver real results. We never over-hype or promise the moon. We think our consumers are smart enough to see right through that. And we think that the only promises you should make are those you can keep. It’s true that sometimes our products take longer to develop, but that’s what happens when you don’t compromise. Because we don’t cater to passing trends, our products never go out of style. And we’ve managed to stay true to our values, all while competing in a broad range of beauty and skincare categories worldwide.