Neutrogena's Latest Acne Skin Care Innovation to Break the Breakout Cycle

How does the Neutrogena Clear Defense Technology Fight Acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns, in part because of a relatively limited range of effective solutions. But with a new product from Neutrogena® , acne can be a thing of the past.

NeutrogenaⓇ new Clear Defense technology includes an innovative ingredient to protect skin as it fights blemishes. 

How Does Neutrogena's Clear Defense treat Acne?

The research that led to development of Clear Defense technology came out of a desire to find gentler yet effective ways to fight acne. Neutrogena scientists developed Clear Defense with a new ingredient preserves the skin’s defenses against acne by stripping away oil and acne-causing bacteria, but leaving behind elements of the skin that help protect against future breakouts.


New Netrogena® Brand’s Acne Skin Care Treatments

Those elements are lipids, which are healthy fats that keep skin moisturized and balanced; if they’re removed by using a harsh cleanser, the skin’s barrier is compromised, allowing acne-causing bacteria to enter pores.

NeutrogenaⓇ Brand’s experts explain that Clear Defense is the first acne-fighting ingredient that actually builds up skin’s that actually builds up skin’s immunity to acne. By leaving the skin healthier, its barrier can continue to do its job. This new technology will be found in NeutrogenaⓇ new Visibly Clear® Clear & Protect, which includes a cleanser, scrub,  2in1 Wash-Mask, and moisturiser.

ClearDefend™ technology can break the acne cycle, preventing breakouts from returning. If you find your symptoms persist, it’s best to consult a dermatologist. But most people see results in just a few days — and a big difference within weeks.

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