Dull Skin Explained

Dull Skin Explained


As time passes by and with our busy lifestyle, we begin to notice signs of dehydration and uneven tone and texture slowly creeping its way into our skin. Somewhere along the way, between heading out without sunscreen and late nights at work, our skin has lost its spark. And now, it just looks... dull.

But, why?

As we age, the rate of our surface cell turnover slows down. This means the fresh, new skin cells that help us look luminous take a longer time to resurface. Coupled with a few not so skin-friendly choices, all of this can really dim your skin’s natural radiance.

Flipping the Switch: How to Brighten Skin

Good news! It’s not too late for your skin. When it comes to restoring brightness, what you need is an ingredient that treats the three main signs of dullness – dehydration, uneven tone and texture.

Meet Neoglucosamine®, the powerful non-acid exfoliant that boosts hydration and reduces hyperpigmentation as it accelerates your skin’s renewal process. As a building block of Hyaluronic Acid, it boosts surface cell turnover 10x times faster than skin that’s untreated.



Step 1
Prep: Skin Resurfacing
Begin with the Resurfacing Micro Polish , a gentle exfoliator formulated with naturally-derived skin smoothers and Glycolic and Mandelic AHAs. With ultra-light grains, it removes impurities like dull skin and hyperpigmentation for smoother, brighter and more even skin.



Step 2
Boost: Skin Brightening
Incorporate the Illuminating Serum, Enhance your skin’s tone, texture and clarity with this skin brightening serum enriched with Neoglucosamine® and turmeric extract. Massage 4 to 5 drops daily into your face.  




Step 3
Moisturize: Skin Hydration
Next, apply the Gel Cream . Speed up surface cell turnover with this lightweight, hydrating moisturizer formulated with Neoglucosamine®, PHAs and AHA exfoliants. Apply it twice daily to your face and neck to reveal an instantly luminous, lit-from-within radiance.



Step 4
Protect: Don’t forget SPF!
Head out with a layer of protection formulated with Moringa Seed, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Neoglucosamine®. Brightening Moisturizer with SPF 30  protects your skin while improving tone and texture. Apply this broad spectrum sunscreen before heading out to help you maintain a more even complexion.


What is Neoglucosamine®?

By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz about AHAs, PHAs and Hyaluronic Acid. Well, it’s time to meet the newest skin brightening ingredient on the market. Neoglucosamine® is a superior amino sugar that aids in resurfacing and brightening skin. Just like Hyaluronic Acid boosts hydration, Neoglucosamine® ignites skin brightness. In fact, unlike other skin brighteners, Neoglucosamine® is actually a building block of Hyaluronic Acid that helps renew skin for a fresher, more radiant complexion.


How Does Neoglucosamine® Work?

Every 30 days, you naturally shed your top layer of skin. This is referred to as surface cell turnover. But sometimes, these old skin cells get stuck and that’s when your complexion starts to look dull. But, what exactly is dull skin? Simply put, dull skin is the result of dehydration, uneven tone and texture.
To address this, dullness-fighting Neoglucosamine® works on meeting the three key skin brightening needs:




Neoglucosamine® is proven to boost surface cell turnover 10x faster than skin that’s untreated. It accelerates your skin’s renewal process by helping old cells get unstuck.




Tone Evening

To deliver a more even skin tone and texture, Neoglucosamine® reduces the appearance of dark spots by disrupting your skin pigmentation production.





As a building block of Hyaluronic Acid, Neoglucosamine® is effective in plumping and hydrating skin cells for a luminous complexion.


Plus, Neoglucosamine® is even helpful for the prevention of fine lines!


Best Practices:

Bright Boost is safe to use with ingredients like AHAs, PHAs and BHAs, but mixing Bright Boost with Retinol may reduce the efficacy of both products. If Retinol products are also in your routine, try to alternate your usage.