The Correct Way to Wash Your Face


Importance of cleaning the Face

Washing your face is one of the easiest things we do every day. Yet, because of its sheer frequency, doing it the right way is very important to avoid over drying your skin and getting the clear and glowing face you deserve.

Just follow these instructions and you’re good to go!

1. Wash your face with water

    Make sure to wash your hands first to avoid rubbing dirt from your hands on your face. Before wetting your face, you should also find the right temperature of the water: hot water can cause red marks or irritate the skin, while cold water might make it hard to wash comfortably. Warm water is the way to go, as it opens your pores and helps you clean your skin deeper.


    2. Gently apply a face wash

    What you wash your skin with is just as important. Try to avoid washing it with soap as it can make your skin very dry. Instead, use a face wash is to wash deeply in the skin and remove dirt and oils built up during your day or overnight. Choose the face wash that goes best with your type of skin, and massage it on your wet face with gentle, circular motions.


    3. Rinse and dry your skin

    After applying the face wash and leaving it for a minute, it’s time to rinse it away with water. It’s recommended to ensure completely removing the face wash with rinsing before drying your face with a soft towel.