6 Daily Facial Skincare Routines for a Soft Skin with No Blemishes

We all wish we had a soft and smooth baby skin. The secret is in your daily skincare routine!

Top 6 Daily Facial Skin Care Routine For Soft and Blemish Free Skin

  • Apply Face Wash

The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is washing your face with a facial cleanser to remove the dead skin layer, the oil, and dirt accumulated overnight and that clog your pores. Remember that it's better to use a liquid cleanser rather than the regular household soap. Choose the right cleanser for your daily routine with the help of Neutrogena.

  • Moisturize Your Face

After the face wash, you should moisturize your skin to keep it fresh all day long, and prevent dryness and wrinkles. Choose a moisturizer suitable for your age and skin type with the help of Neutrogena.

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen

Never leave the house without applying sunscreen, to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation.

  • Never sleep with your make-up on.

Once you come back home at night, clean your skin thoroughly, and remove your makeup with a soft and light makeup remover. We recommend Deep Clean Makeup Remover Wipes by Neutrogena.

To make sure your skin is 100% clean, use the facial cleanser again.

  • Exfoliate regularly

Try to use an exfoliating wash once or twice a week as it helps remove dead skin cells and invigorates your skin leaving it soft and pure.

  • Night moisturization

If you have dry skin, don’t forget to apply moisturizing night cream before going to bed. Choose a soft cream that renews your skin cells during the night while you’re fast asleep.


This should be your daily facial skincare routine. If you follow it to the letter, you will soon notice baby-soft skin!