Why Polymeric Cleansing Technology Will Change Your Skin

Why Polymeric Cleansing Technology Will Change Your Skin

Importance of Protecting Skin Barrier

You know the drill: It’s important to wash your face twice a day, every day, no matter what. But did you know that some cleansers have surprisingly harsh effects for your skin while washing away dirt, oil and makeup?

That’s because some traditional cleansing products have small molecules that can penetrate the skin’s surface and wash away beneficial oils along with dirt. It’s important to keep skin clean, but your complexion’s natural moisture and oil balance is an essential part of keeping it healthy.

What is Neutrogena's Barriercare Skin-Cleansing Technology?

The goal with the new Barriercare technology to was simple: Develop a very effective cleanser that doesn’t harm the skin. What resulted was a method of cleansing that uses larger molecules (known as polymers) to thoroughly clean the skin without actually penetrating (and therefore disturbing) the skin’s barrier, which helps the skin maintain its natural balance.

Keeping the right balance of fats and lipids in the skin is key, according to NeutrogenaⓇ Brand’s experts. The natural oils lubricate the skin and keep it moisturized and healthy. If you strip away too much, skin can get irritated and stressed out. So, Barriercare removes only the excess oil, leaving behind beneficial elements that help skin protect itself.

This groundbreaking Barriercare technology will be found in multiple products, including four ways to cleanse: a gel cleanser, a scrub, a mousse and a cleanser-mask hybrid. These cleansers will be suitable for use with any skin type, but will be specifically geared toward young women looking for thorough cleansing without harsh side effects.

In addition, this technology will be featured in NeutrogenaⓇ new Hydro Boost Cleanser, developed for women who are just starting to see signs of aging and are looking for more gentle, hydrating products.

Hydro Boost cleanser has similar technology to the Hydro Boost moisturisers, in that it helps skin retain moisture. The result: thoroughly clean skin that is moisturized, balanced and glowing.

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