Everything You Need to Know about Anti-Aging Skincare Products

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You hear a lot about the importance and effects of using anti-aging products, but do you know exactly how do they help your skin? We will take you through what you need to know before you choose one of the anti-aging creams available in the market today, to suit your needs.

We have some news for you! The bad news: you have started to age. The good news: 80% of the signs of aging are due to environmental factors. So, you certainly have all the reasons to take some essential prevention measures!

What do anti-aging skin care products do?

After a certain age, the production of collagen and elastin decreases. The dermal structure collapses and wrinkles and fine lines are observed to widen. Cell turnover slows down, and dead skin builds up on the skin, which is why it becomes duller. The brown spots are due to an increase in melanin (responsible for the pigmentation of the skin,) and at the same time, a less good distribution in the epidermis. Many people tell us that they felt the need to hydrate their skin with age, as it began to tug and become uncomfortable. The role of anti-aging products will be to provide the necessary ingredients to reactivate your aging skin.

The composition of the anti-aging cream will depend on the brand. But as a rule, they are always composed of powerful active agents that will help fight the several signs of aging (wrinkles, spots, firmness or sagging skin). In case one uses an anti-aging cream before the appearance of the signs of aging, these powerful active agents will help your skin and thus delay their appearance! To allow women to use these creams daily, they are also enriched with moisturizing active ingredients, vegetable oil and thermal water, to soothe the skin and to regulate other concerns of your skin.

Another cosmetic product that we think of when we want to look younger, or at least not age too quickly, is of course the anti-wrinkle cream. Skin care before having wrinkles is more effective than wanting to fill wrinkles already well established.

The prices of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams available in the market vary depending on whether you buy them in supermarkets, a drugstore or a perfumery. However, we now know that the most expensive anti-aging products are not necessarily the most effective, and not the least harmless in terms of their composition.

Misconceptions about anti-aging skin care products:

Here are some common misconceptions that a lot of women have about the use of anti-aging skin care products. Let’s take a look at what the skin care specialist had to say:

The anti-aging cream is applied on the face
True but...not ONLY! because it is not the only one to undergo skin aging. You must get into the habit of applying it on the neck as well.
A good moisturizer can replace it
False. Anti-aging products are specifically formulated to combat the three main effects of aging: dryness, hyper-contraction (which results in expression lines) and dark spots.
Anti-aging creams are more effective than anti-wrinkle creams
True. According to a skin care specialist, "anti-wrinkle creams will actually act on wrinkles and fine lines, but anti-aging creams will have a more global purpose. This is due to the fact that skin aging is also characterized by lack of radiance, dryness, looseness of the skin, and more visible pores and stains."

Tips for anti-aging skin care

  1. Apply your moisturizer every day! It must be rich in antioxidant assets to help the skin defend itself and slow down the appearance of the signs of aging.
  2. Adopt a responsible attitude towards the sun. Put on sunscreen, avoid staying too exposed, or doing too much sunbathing. The sun and the UV are an important source for aging of the skin.
  3. Follow the healthiest and most balanced lifestyle possible. Give your body enough rest so that it has time to rest and regenerate, and eat omegas and essential fatty acids.