5 Immediate Fixes for Dry Hands


Environmental influences, weather fluctuations, and other external factors, such as the use of detergents and sanitizers can dry your hands. A number of people suffer from dry hands, which is a common condition, especially in areas that are dry and/or cold.

Main Causes for Dry Skin

Dry hands commonly occur as a result of the skin’s inability to retain moisture. This may be due to one or more of the main reasons listed below:

1- Weather:

When the air around you is dry or not humid enough, hands become dry as the skin is unable to retain moisture. This mostly happens during the winter season when the weather is colder and the air is dry.

2- Daily activities:

It is true that when you wash your hands, you add moisture to them. However, as you wash and dry your hands often, you ‘leach out’ the natural lipids that your skin needs to retain moisture, such as the natural oils your skin produces causing your hands to become brittle and dry. Frequent hand washing and the frequent use of sanitizers may also lead to dry hands.

3- Specific medical conditions:

Some medical conditions, dermal or non-dermal related, can cause dry hands. People with diseases such as diabetes may suffer from dry hands due to poor blood flow to the limbs. In addition, some skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, may cause dry hands and the peeling of the skin.

Prevention and Treatment for Dry Skin:

If you are worried about having dry hands or already have dry ones and are looking for a solution, below are some treatments you can add to your daily skin care routine:

1- Moisturize your skin with a moisturizing hand cream

Moisturizing creams are available and are easy to obtain and use on a daily basis. Choose wisely and opt for hand creams that are absorbed into the skin quickly such as Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Fast Absorbing Hand Cream or Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Concentrated Hand Cream which are fast acting hand creams.

2- Use sunscreen on your hands

Protecting your hands from the sun by using sunscreen helps reduce dry hands. The sun's rays can harm all of your skin, not just your face. Therefore, make sure to use sunscreen on your hands as well in order to provide them with the necessary protection from the sun's harmful rays.

3- Exfoliate your hands

Exfoliation can help remove dead, dry, and damaged skin. Use over the counter exfoliants or create your own by combining olive oil and granulated sugar or coffee, to help remove unwanted dead skin cells. Do not forget to use a hand cream after exfoliation to help the new skin cells stay hydrated and soft.

4- Try night moisturizing

If your hands suffer from severe dryness, you can apply a moisturizer before bed. This will allow the moisturizing cream to stay on your hands for a longer period of time. Hands can also be covered with gloves after applying moisturizer to keep the hand cream in direct contact with the skin and reduce it from being dried out by the air.

5- Avoid harsh cleaning products

The chemicals often found in soaps and detergents, such as dishwashing liquid, can have a harsh effect on the skin and can cause hands to dry out. Minimize the use of these products without wearing gloves and moisturize your hands with moisturizing cream after using them.

Some extra tips to help you prevent dry hands include using paper towels instead of hot air dryers and using warm water instead of hot or cold water when washing your hands.

Furthermore, prolonged exposure to water can dry your hands as it strips the skin of its natural oils, so limit prolonged or excessive exposure to water. Use hand cream after activities that expose you to water, such as swimming and bathing.


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