Gel vs Cream - What’s the Difference

Beauty products come in various consistencies. Some offer you the same benefits, with a choice between a cream and gel. So which one do you choose?

What is a Gel?

A gel usually has the appearance of a jelly, and is transparent. It looks like a cross between a solid and a liquid, but does not behave like either. Gels are actually closer to liquids than solids, because they are mostly water based. Gels are now commonly available, in both beauty products and medications. Gel is more quickly absorbed by the skin.

What is a Cream?

Creams are also mostly water-based, though some creams do contain a little bit of an oil base. Creams are thicker, and take more time to get absorbed by the skin. Cream was the only choice people had, whether it was for the skin or hair, until gels came along.

The difference between a Gel and Cream:

  1. A gel is transparent, and a cream is not
  2. Gels are mostly colourless and disappear when applied. Despite having a colour base, creams are also not visible once applied, although gels are absorbed faster
  3. Gels are usually oil free. Some creams do have oil, even though both are water-based
  4. Gels can come in different colours, while creams are usually white

Gels and creams come with their own advantages, and you need to make your choice based on your preferences and requirements.