10 Biggest Skin Care Routine Mistakes – Commonly Made

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We set a skincare routine and follow it with dedication. Most people assess their routine only when they have an issue, and sometimes not even then. But this mistake can cost you dearly.

Top 10 Biggest Skin-care Mistakes:

  1. Over Exfoliating - Buffing away too much of the top skin layer is actually damaging in the long run. Just exfoliate two to three times a week, maximum. Instead try hydrating your skin.
  2. Forgetting to remove your makeup - Not removing your makeup for the night clogs your pore and oil glands, leading to inflammations. The makeup residue can also make the pores larger, and they stay that way when the collagen levels in your skin start to decline. You’re better off using makeup remover wipes, moisturising and hydrating wipes, or a hydrating makeup remover.
  3. Not Cleansing Properly - Even if you carefully remove your makeup for the night, you still need to be diligent with cleansing. A good face cleanser puts your skin in optimal condition for overnight renewal.
  4. Picking at Your Face - We know we shouldn’t, but we don’t always pay attention. When you pick or pull at your skin, you are causing damage and creating irritation, scars and wrinkles.
  5. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes - A brush cleaner can help eliminate any risk to dirty or old makeup building up on your skin. And save you from damage.
  6. Not Applying Products in The Correct order - A beauty regimen is most effective when followed correctly. Understand the products and layer them on in the correct order, or you may not reap the benefits they promise.
  7. Popping Pimples - Dermatologists know the correct way to pop a pimple. If you try to do it at home, you could squeeze it the wrong way, and it will backfire.
  8. Sleeping with Your Hair Out at Night - The oil and products you use on your hair come in contact with your skin, and this may cause breakouts or irritation. Pull all of your hair off your face and clip your bangs back before heading to bed.
  9. Taking Too-Hot Showers - Although hot showers can be soothing to the mind, they can strip your skin of essential moisture and healthy oils. Use warm water, never hot.
  10. Not Knowing What You Are Putting on Your Skin - Educate yourself properly on skin care products for your skin type - be it normal/dry, normal/sensitive or oily/combination skin, and you will never go wrong.
How to beat oily skin with the right routine.

How to beat oily skin with the right routine.