How to get the perfect looking skin for your social occasions in short time

How to get the perfect looking skin for your social occasions in short time

How to get the perfect looking skin for your social occasions in short time

As we all know, beautiful skin is the key to shining beauty. Whenever we have big social events we plan to attend, we might leave caring for our skin to the last moment, or become anxious a few days before making our skin more prone to outbreaks and imperfections. Fortunately, getting that radiating clear face is easy, but you have to start treating your skin a couple of weeks prior to the occasion!

Avoid skin irritants

The first thing you should consider is the food you’re eating and the negative effects it can on your skin such, as fried and spicy food.

Avoiding long exposure to direct sunlight is also recommended during this time, as damage from the sun can make your skin blotchy and gives it an uneven texture.


Apply a skin care routine

A good skin care routine consists mostly of a daily face wash, daily moisturization if you have dry skin, and a weekly face mask.

Deep Clean invigorating 2-in-1 wash mask is suitable for all skin types for daily face wash to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. 

You can also use it twice a week as face mask, since it’s made of blue clay that contains essential minerals and is known to reduce wrinkles and treat acne and freckles. This mask absorbs oil that causes your skin to shine and removes all residues clogging the pores.

If your skin suffers from imperfections, pimples or blackheads, now is the time to get rid of them!

Visibly Clear Blackhead eliminating daily scrub works deep in the pores to prevent blackheads from developing up to three weeks.

Don’t forget to apply day and night cream daily to keep your skin moisturized, fresh and radiant. An eye cream would also help to eliminate dark circles and fatigue signs that easily appear around the eyes.

Follow these instructions and in no more than two weeks you’ll be ready to attend any occasion with a clear and great looking skin that is more beautiful than you’ve ever expected!

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